Forcing a New Perspective

Forcing a New Perspective In 2005, a gang associate by the name of Hasan was charged with the crime of aggravated burglary. His plea was that he was blackmailed into the commission of the crime to prevent harm towards his family and, accordingly, he relied on the defense of duress. This legal tactic is often raised when the defendant commits an act as a result of threats/bribes/ultimatums by another person or group. In “Hasan’s” case the defense couldn’t hold because he didn’t satisfy a key requirement of duress: “must enjoy no reasonable opportunity to escape the threatened harm” (Shankland).

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Life of a Generic Genius

Life of a Generic Genius “Walter Simmons”, written by Edgar Lee Masters, is a narrative poem on life of an average genius. Throughout, readers can see how seemingly normal Walter’s life was, and how everyone expected him to be “as great as Edison, or greater”, just because he seemed to excel and take a large interest in the objects and world around him. Masters talks about how as a child, Walter made toys, trinkets, and art, and for that his parents thought he would become a prodigy genius, as some might say. Edgar Lee Masters’ poem, “Walter Simmons”, uses certain figurative language, imagery, and a form lacking patterns to interpret the message: never give up.

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Time to say goodbye

People sometimes don’t get that lucky to say goodbye, and depending on that situation, things could be devastating. Those few chances that you get to say it are the ones that you have to take advantage of, because those moments are things you’ll never get back. No matter how close you may or may not be with the person you lost, you still lose someone from your life that you had made memories with. Memories that may not seem significant until you realize that the person you shared them with, is not here anymore. You can see the way that person not only impacted your life, but many more around you, and that shows how special that person really was.

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